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nail services

geL mani

$38 | 1 hr

Nail shaping & cuticle care. A variety of The Gel Bottle Inc polishes to choose from. Gel manicures last 2+ weeks. Does not include nail art.

geL mani with buiLder overLay

$42 | 1 hr

BUILDER in a Bottle is a hard gel polish founded by The Gel Bottle Inc. It can be added to your gel manicure for extra strength and durability.  This is great for clients looking for something that wears harder or those who are trying to grow out their natural nails.

buiLder extensions

$50 | 1 hr 45 min

Add length to your natural nails with this innovative service! Builder is a hard gel that, when cured, wears harder than acrylic & ANC. With the use of nail forms, I can create any length you desire. Lasts 2-4 weeks and soaks off like gel polish! Or you have the option to "fill in" new growth and keep your extensions! Temporary price is $50!

anc/ other saLon poLish removaL

$30 | .5 hr

For clients who currently have ANC or product from another salon & are looking for a healthier alternative. This appointment includes the removal of your current polish, a nourishing treatment for your nails, a classic manicure followed by a clear strengthening polish. Topped with a cuticle oil for you to take home!

geL mani with naiL art

Starts at $40 | 1hr +

If you are interested in nail art, please use this option for booking! Prices vary depending on design. Feel free to text or e-mail a picture if you know what kind of design you want!

cLassic mani

$28 | 45 min

Includes precise nail shaping, gentle cuticle removal & light buffing for smoothness. Followed by a relaxing hand massage and painting with a hybrid polish of your choice. Topped with a keratin based oil to nourish your cuticles. Nail art options for Classic Mani are limited.

ibx naiL treatment

Add-on to your manicure for $8 | +10 min

A revolutionary nail treatment designed to be worn under your hybrid or gel polish! Help maintain the strength and integrity of your nails with this two-step treatment!

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If you are looking to book a PEDICURE appointment, please visit my associates website www.diamndstudio.com